Surveying and Geophysical Services & Products

Hope you guys remember me…this is Adarsh. I have written many articles related to the scope of earth measuring including its related equipments like surveying equipment, geophysical testing equipment, geotechnical equipments, etc. Due to some surveying task, I was out of station for few weeks, so could not continue with the same. Now I have come back with more resources to deal on the subject.

The accurate determination of space position and getting accurate measurement of distances and angles between the space points, especially for land maps and boundaries is a risky task unless the right surveying instruments are used. For measuring shorter distances or elevation differences, different types of surveying equipment are used starting from theodolite, tripod to total station, etc.

The geophysicist, I must say, is a high-profile intellectual with mastery in geology, physics, mathematics and computer science. Somewhat co-related to surveying, as it is also related to earth sciences, the geophysicist also makes use of certain geophysical testing equipment or geotechnical equipments to draw conclusions.

Well, it again depends on the type of instruments you use. You should procure these surveying instruments, geophysical testing equipment, geotechnical equipments, etc. from reputed brands. There is one company called Aimil where you can get surveying equipment and allied products manufactured by renowned brands from across the world.

I, through the medium of blogs, have come across many a user of surveying instruments. They are of the opinion that the best products’ price tag is high but they last for years.

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