Instrumentation Products

Buddies, I am a born engineer…you must be wondering why I am flattering myself. You won’t believe if I say that since my primary school days, I used to devise ways of testing things and today I am a successful engineer for an instrumentation company that manufactures geophysical instruments, geotechnical equipments, surveying instruments, traffic monitoring systems and several other measuring equipment.

I first started as a marketing staff for Aimil. This company also deals in geophysical instruments, surveying equipment, traffic monitoring systems, etc. Most of the instrumentation products it dealt were procured from world famous reliable brands and then supplied to the Indian market. This company is completely an engineering-oriented group with diverse portfolio of products and services. It provides civil engineering consultancy services, civil engineering products and a range of other instrumentation products. That’s what attracted me towards the company but unfortunately I didn’t qualify for the post of an engineer there though I had an engineering degree to my credit. Anyways it was a wonderful experience working for that company….it has no doubt carved a niche as a reliable suppler of the complete range of geophysical instruments, traffic monitoring systems, compared to its competitors.

But I am happy with the present company I am working for. During the manufacturing process of these surveying instruments, traffic monitoring systems, etc. We give detailed attention to all the parameters so that clients get the best and we get repeat orders. Quality is one factor that we give the topmost priority.

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