Monitoring equipment

In sync to various parameters and for safety reasons, almost all vibration monitoring equipments, seismic monitoring equipment, structure monitoring instrument, and other instrumentation products are equipped with mechanisms to monitor the working process. Vibration monitoring equipments are widely used in the safety, quality and process control fields. The equipments are as varied as noise dosimeter, spectrum analyzer, sound calibrators, sound level meter, transducers and lots more.

Incorporation of latest technology installation of the structure monitoring instrument onboard the machine as an autonomous system and other innovative technological settings. Today, most seismic monitoring equipment and other vibration monitoring equipments are outfitted with self-diagnosis system facilitating verification of correct operation and informing the user of malfunctions. These factors guarantee the safety of the measurements performed throughout the life cycle of the structure monitoring instrument and other monitoring instruments.

Seismic sources including volcanic, tectonic, tsunamis, oceanic, atmospheric, explosions, and various earthquake effects, are determined by utilizing seismic monitoring equipment. Seismic waves travel through rock and it is a challenging task to effectively take images deep within the earth, especially of sources and structures. Employing the perfect and quality seismic monitoring equipment enables the monitoring personnel to get accurate measurements. An observation on small and big earthquakes and informing about the same before time is possible with specific seismic monitoring equipment. Had there been no such instruments, pre-safety measures for such catastrophes would have been nil.  Prior warning of the Tsunami had saved many lives; thanks to technology!!

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