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Applicability of surveying instruments

October 21, 2008

I am an archaeological surveyor from India. I often post my experiences, sharing my skills, and letting all those concerned know about the task, the instruments used. Hope who so ever has read has found it interesting. Most of you must have even started utilizing the surveying equipments and techniques that I usually share here in this blog forum!

Well, the accurate determination of space position of points including the distances and angles between them is not possible with manual survey. I have tried, but the accuracy is not guaranteed, which otherwise is perfectly determined by surveying equipments There are specific surveying instruments that are used for the purpose. My job profile involves precisely assessing the relationship of archaeological sites, especially in a landscape and record findings. This includes data documentation of ceramics, stone tools, artifacts, building remains, etc. Transits, electronic distance measurement equipment, theodolites,  plumb bobs, crossheads, optical squares, are few of the surveying equipment that I use.

I keep traveling from place to place, hence I procure my surveying instruments from reputed manufacturers who have created benchmarks of supplying quality products for several years. During the initial stage, I had to replace my surveying instruments once in every three to four years. It has been more than 15 years that I have been in this field. The last time I bought the surveying equipment was about seven years ago. It was the AIMIL-Trimble brand. And there were no flaws till date and they are running smoothly. This company, I heard, also provides instruments for other sectors also.

AIMIL Ltd is the leading manufacturer Surveying Instruments

October 4, 2008

AIMIL Ltd  is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of surveying equipment, as 3d scanner/ laser scanne, auto level, electronic theodolite,global positioning system, theodolite. 3D coordinate measuring system, robotic total stations, total stations and construction lasers, serving a mix of commercial and industrial end markets all over the world.

Our success is based on close and continuing production of innovative products, application engineering, customer support, and a competitive manufacturing cost structure. Our strategy is to focus on markets with superior growth potential where customers value our differentiated products and total solution capability, and to broaden our international presence in emerging markets.