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Surveying equipment is essential to carry effectual surveys

April 27, 2009

As the matter of security arises, the technically advanced equipments help out a lot. Going by this, many companies have come forwards by manufacturing traffic monitoring systems. With a constant increase in traffic, we all are getting into problems and it becomes difficult for the traffic police to manage the jams and other traffic related problems. Generally, these systems consist of a set of in-road sensor arrays to give signals in reply to a vehicle passing through the sensor arrays. It also incorporates a processor unit for supplying signals to find out vehicle speed and a traffic signal operatable through this unit. These instruments are extremely helpful in managing the asymmetrical traffic problems that create traffic jams for very long hours and maintaining traffic rules.

Apart from this, one of the most usable technical equipments is surveying instruments. This includes the application of a rotator instrument body and horizontal axes along with a telescopic optical system. The main aim of the surveying equipment is to measure the distance from a particular place. You will find a variety of companies in the market that are dedicated towards manufacturing these types of products. If you are willing to buy them; then, it is compulsory to do little research about the company profile and the variety of products being produced. Moreover, you can also contact certain people, who have already bought related products from a particular company. After all, when a person is paying for authentic product; he should get the value for money.

Instrumentation Products

January 12, 2009

Buddies, I am a born engineer…you must be wondering why I am flattering myself. You won’t believe if I say that since my primary school days, I used to devise ways of testing things and today I am a successful engineer for an instrumentation company that manufactures geophysical instruments, geotechnical equipments, surveying instruments, traffic monitoring systems and several other measuring equipment.

I first started as a marketing staff for Aimil. This company also deals in geophysical instruments, surveying equipment, traffic monitoring systems, etc. Most of the instrumentation products it dealt were procured from world famous reliable brands and then supplied to the Indian market. This company is completely an engineering-oriented group with diverse portfolio of products and services. It provides civil engineering consultancy services, civil engineering products and a range of other instrumentation products. That’s what attracted me towards the company but unfortunately I didn’t qualify for the post of an engineer there though I had an engineering degree to my credit. Anyways it was a wonderful experience working for that company….it has no doubt carved a niche as a reliable suppler of the complete range of geophysical instruments, traffic monitoring systems, compared to its competitors.

But I am happy with the present company I am working for. During the manufacturing process of these surveying instruments, traffic monitoring systems, etc. We give detailed attention to all the parameters so that clients get the best and we get repeat orders. Quality is one factor that we give the topmost priority.

Surveying and Geophysical Services & Products

December 18, 2008

Hope you guys remember me…this is Adarsh. I have written many articles related to the scope of earth measuring including its related equipments like surveying equipment, geophysical testing equipment, geotechnical equipments, etc. Due to some surveying task, I was out of station for few weeks, so could not continue with the same. Now I have come back with more resources to deal on the subject.

The accurate determination of space position and getting accurate measurement of distances and angles between the space points, especially for land maps and boundaries is a risky task unless the right surveying instruments are used. For measuring shorter distances or elevation differences, different types of surveying equipment are used starting from theodolite, tripod to total station, etc.

The geophysicist, I must say, is a high-profile intellectual with mastery in geology, physics, mathematics and computer science. Somewhat co-related to surveying, as it is also related to earth sciences, the geophysicist also makes use of certain geophysical testing equipment or geotechnical equipments to draw conclusions.

Well, it again depends on the type of instruments you use. You should procure these surveying instruments, geophysical testing equipment, geotechnical equipments, etc. from reputed brands. There is one company called Aimil where you can get surveying equipment and allied products manufactured by renowned brands from across the world.

I, through the medium of blogs, have come across many a user of surveying instruments. They are of the opinion that the best products’ price tag is high but they last for years.

Applicability of surveying instruments

October 21, 2008

I am an archaeological surveyor from India. I often post my experiences, sharing my skills, and letting all those concerned know about the task, the instruments used. Hope who so ever has read has found it interesting. Most of you must have even started utilizing the surveying equipments and techniques that I usually share here in this blog forum!

Well, the accurate determination of space position of points including the distances and angles between them is not possible with manual survey. I have tried, but the accuracy is not guaranteed, which otherwise is perfectly determined by surveying equipments There are specific surveying instruments that are used for the purpose. My job profile involves precisely assessing the relationship of archaeological sites, especially in a landscape and record findings. This includes data documentation of ceramics, stone tools, artifacts, building remains, etc. Transits, electronic distance measurement equipment, theodolites,  plumb bobs, crossheads, optical squares, are few of the surveying equipment that I use.

I keep traveling from place to place, hence I procure my surveying instruments from reputed manufacturers who have created benchmarks of supplying quality products for several years. During the initial stage, I had to replace my surveying instruments once in every three to four years. It has been more than 15 years that I have been in this field. The last time I bought the surveying equipment was about seven years ago. It was the AIMIL-Trimble brand. And there were no flaws till date and they are running smoothly. This company, I heard, also provides instruments for other sectors also.